3, 2, 1 … Launch!

I am thrilled to be launching this new blog at the same that I am developing the new Women’s Institute at Chatham University (my very exciting new job!). The two are connected in the sense that they are both about gender equity, sexuality, women, social justice, and social movements. But they are separate in that this blog represents my own views and not necessarily those of the Women’s Institute or Chatham University.

Gender Up is a space for conversation — and in the best feminist tradition — a space for learning together. It’s a place to brush up on gender issues and a place to stand up for gender justice. And since I’m a historian, you can expect plenty of history sprinkled in, too. I welcome your thoughts, ideas, responses, and contributions.

Today’s post will be short as I am just getting our social media up and running. But check out the Institute’s new Facebook page, featuring this great photo from the Chatham archives (hosted by the Historic Pittsburgh site).

Students at Opening Convocation (Chatham College, 1979).
Students at Opening Convocation (Chatham College, 1979).

While you’re over at Facebook, please click “like” — and make sure to “follow” this blog, too. It’s time to Gender Up!

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